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Hi! 👋I am a Love and Life Coach who uses Tarot to understand and guide you though your unique situation or issue. I love helping you navigate to where you want to be!✨ I focus on what is most important to you and give you the guidance and clarity you need now!✨💕🙏🏻 ✨ 🌿I am here to HELP YOU!!!🌿 ✨ I am very detailed with my readings, so if you’re looking for a very short quick answer or give me a little to no information, I may not be the right advisor for you!!!✨ I look at the whole situation and the different energies involved, to give you the best guidance and clarity . This takes time to dissect and explain, again, the more information you give me the better I can help you overcome obstacles, or gain insight and understanding!✨ ✨ If you are inquiring about another person, I will always pick up on your energy as well since you are attached to them and part of a relationship or situation.✨ ✨ Please undersatnsd that this comes with what you need to hear at the moment, not necessarily what you may want to hear. I am honest, and professional. I am here for the greatest good and to help those who need it most!✨ ✨ A preview for you: I contact my guides for energy advice and relay this to you. Then confirm with my cards of best advice for you at athe moment. ✨ ✨ I look forward to working with you!✨ Blessings!🌿⭐️🤍✨ EMMA AWAKENS✨


Oracle guidance, Tarot readings, Love readings

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