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I’m here to give the answers and clarity you’re looking for! I provide ACCURATE readings in a non judgmental, accepting, and compassionate style. My main tools during readings are my empathic and inuitive abilities along with tarot. ‼️If a bad review is left, I understand that you’re not ready or willing to hear the truth. I’m not here to tell you what you want to hear but to genuinely help you on your path. I send you warm vibrations to heal the hurt in your heart that holds you back from accepting the truth‼️ ‼️Please understand that there are only 3 minutes to answer all of your questions. In order to give you the full reading you’re requesting, I will not go over every single card pulled as some are clarifing cards. ‼️ ‼️If something seems out of character with what you would normally do, remember that it is my responsibility to be honest with you. Take that information and see how it unfolds for you. ♥️ ‼️ 🚫No general readings🚫 🔮Video Readings: 💫 Please limit your request to 3 questions per video order. I will follow up in the comments if I run out of time answering those questions. 💫 I will provide one follow answer in the chat to give clarity on the information given during the video reading. 🔮Chat Readings: 💫Please ask only one question at a time. 💫Please understand that in order to provide the most accurate information, I will need atleast 30 seconds to tap into energies. 💫 Once I get a clear message on your situation, I will provide the information to you in a quick and clear manner. 🔮Phone&Video Calls:🎥☎️ 💫 This is a time for open communication as we connect together. Many situations have multiple layers to unpack which we can talk through. I understand that the ⏰ is ticking during these readings but please understand that the more time we have to tap into energies the more valuable information you will recieve. Let’s talk about timelines!! ⭐️ Yes, I can provide you with a TENTATIVE timeline. ⭐️Timelines are dependent on all parties involved and are subject to change. ⭐️ Timelines are based on the current enegies at the time of the reading. 📢DISCLAIMER: ⭐️ I provide you with readings based on the path you’re currently on. Everyone, including yourself, has free will.


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