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I am an experienced, empathic, Tarot reader, who is LGBT friendly and non-dogmatic in my approach, as I love helping people and work to provide an understanding for my clients in their situations along with the steps that they can take in the advice that I offer. It’s my hope for people to receive the most from their readings with me, so I do my best to provide as much information as possible, according to the details that are provided by my clients about their situations. When doing a reading, I primarily focus on the energy within my clients questions, which leads me even further into the situations in their own lives. So, each question that I’m asked in a reading could be likened to a puzzle piece that makes up one’s entire situation, which may be puzzling for them. My clients love my services and repeat with me quite often. Sometimes, simply by wanting a reading related to anything that I’m currently picking up on in their lives, as it relates to their situation, on any given day, as each day provides a new opportunity for everyone to move their life even more into balance and harmony by taking advantage of the unique energies and opportunities that are constantly happening around us at all times. Here are some examples of questions that you might have related to the subject of love: Love Readings • What do they think about me? • Are we getting back together? • Do they miss me? • Are they my soulmate? • What are their thoughts and feelings about me? • Will there be a relationship, marriage, and even the possibility of children? • How long until they reach out to me? • Will they initiate contact or should I? I can answer all of these questions and more in a love reading along with any questions that you might have regarding your career. Career Readings • When will my finances improve in life? • When might I get the job that I desire? • How long until I get a raise? • How does this year look for me, financially? • Am I on the right career path? • What can I do in order to be more successful? • Are there even better opportunities for me out there? • How should I approach this area in my life going forward? In asking just a few questions regarding one’s career, I’m able to provide the answers that one desires to carry out. However, there are some questions that I’m unable to answer due to Purple Ocean’s policy. For example, I cannot provide medical or legal advice, along with anything having to do with self-harm or being in a physically abusive relationship. In addition to this, spells and mediumship are also something that I’m unable to provide in my services with Purple Ocean. I would also like to ask: • Please feel free to be open with me about your information in your description as withholding information will only take away from one’s experience in their reading. • If you need to ask a follow-up question in the comment section after your reading, please allow me within 24 hours to respond, as stated in Purple Ocean’s policy. • Also, please limit your reading with me to 3 questions for each reading. If one asks too many questions at one time, it can have a tendency to take away from the reading, as there is only so much time to address everything. For this reason, when it comes to my readings, I always prefer quality over quantity and, for this reason, I ask that one only provides up to 3 questions, and no more, per reading. That way, it’s enough for me to read into a situation, without taking away from the reading itself. Thank you and I hope to work with you as your trusted advisor in the future. Yours truly, Heart Magic


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