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⭐ Hello! ⭐ How are you doing? ☺️ Thank you for checking out my profile. ♥️ ⭐ I am an experienced, empathic, Tarot reader with over 10 years of experience as a professional Psychic Reader from Los Angeles, California. ⭐ ➡️ It’s my hope for people to receive the most from their readings with me, so I always focus on providing honest, accurate and non-judgmental guidance. ➡️ I am proud to be one of the longest running psychic readers on the Purple Garden app, helping thousands of people on this app since 2016. ☺️ ➡️ My readings are following my own unique system that I developed and perfected over the years that blends empathic and psychic energy impressions, mixed with using traditional Tarot Cards. ➡️ I am lucky to say that I have many lovely repeat clients on this app, and if you feel connected to my energy, I would be more than happy for you to be one of them, too. 😊 ⭐ Here are just some examples out of the many questions I can answer: ⭐ ♥️ Love Readings ♥️ • What do they think about me? • Are we getting back together? • Do they miss me? • Are they my soulmate? • What are their thoughts and feelings about me? • Will there be a relationship, marriage, and even the possibility of children? • How long until they reach out to me? • Will they initiate contact or should I? ⭐ Career Readings ⭐ • When will my finances improve in life? • When might I get the job that I desire? • How long until I get a raise? • How does this year look for me, financially? • Am I on the right career path? • What can I do in order to be more successful? • Are there even better opportunities for me out there? ‼️However, there are some questions that I am unable to answer, due to Purple Garden's policy. For example, I cannot provide medical or legal advice, along with any answers related to questions having to do with self-harm or being in a physically abusive relationship. In addition to this, spells and mediumship are also something that I’m unable to provide services for with Purple Garden‼️ ➡️ I would also like to ask: 🔥 Please feel free to be open with me about your information in your description, as withholding information will only take away from one’s experience in their reading. 🔥 At the beginning of the reading, please provide the first name of any people involved and 3-4 sentences about your situation so I can better connect. Thank you, and I hope to work with you soon as your trusted advisor in the future. Yours truly, Heart Magic


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