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🔮✨Hi Beautiful Souls!✨🔮 You have been guided here, welcome! ~~READ HOW I WORK BELOW BEFORE BUYING TO MAKE SURE IT WORKS FOR YOU.~~ ✨I AM NOT A FORTUNE TELLER & I DO NOT GUARANTEE FUTURE OUTCOMES IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE DUE TO FREE-WILL BEING A UNIVERSAL LAW. ✨By scheduling a session with me, you agree and accept the following: Readings are for guidance only. Any information provided is done with the best and highest of intentions. What you choose to do with the information, including any actions you take, is your own personal responsibility and choice. ✨I CANNOT ANSWER VAGUE QUESTIONS, GO IN DETAIL.✨ 🔮I am a higher self/soul reader and I connect with your soul, angels, and spirit guides to channel advice and guidance that will help you make the best decisions for yourself to create your most aligned & dream reality. ✨SERVICES:✨ I specialize in higher-self and soul readings, inner-child healing, divine life purpose direction/guidance, relationship guidance, generational trauma healing, limiting belief work, money mindset work, pattern interruptions to create healthier habits and develop deep self-love, online energy healing, channeling your spirit guides and angels, and coaching you to become your highest version of self and create your dream life. ✨🕊These readings are interactive and I will be asking you questions to go more in depth to receive the most precise guidance from your soul/higher self. ✨🕊For the best experience working with me, book a video or voice call. 🌹The reason I do not “predict the future” is because YOU are in control of your DESTINY. 🌹For this reason I do not guarantee if people are “coming back” into your life OR an exact time a POI or new POI is coming into your life because of their free-will. 🌹I CAN tell you if someone is aligned with you, your soul’s purpose and path, and where your soul wants you to go/be right now or if there’s someone better coming for you. I will ask you details about this so that I can get more precise answers for you. 🌹Please respect that this is how I work. ✨✨With this said, I will keep working with you until you are satisfied with your reading✨✨ 🌸I have been channeling and helping people heal/grow for many years and have helped people from ALL walks of life. This work is my passion and my deepest calling. My guidance is clear and full of loving support. 🕊Negative reviews are created by vague questions providing little detail or are from people who want me to be a fortune teller after I specifically said I am not that. 🕊So to prevent this if you have questions after the reading, ask! I will be happy to clear any confusion for you and continue working with you until you are satisfied. 🕊Can’t wait to connect with you and support your beautiful heart.✨


Oracle guidance, Angel insights, Psychic readings

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