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Straight-forward and honest insight into life situations. Look out for my specials. I run them daily. My normal fee for all services is $6.99 per minute. I am a Holistic Advisor. I am not a fortune teller. What this means is I look into current situations and what is the best path forward. Together, we navigate any changes that might be needed to allow you to take te best path and achieve your best outcome. This might not be what you want or hope. I won’t tell you what you want to hear. With Spirits guidance I will bring forward what they feel you need to hear. Would you like to know more about current, ex, situation-ship, future relationships? 🫶 Wanting to expand your career and prosperity? Concerned about a work situation or colleague? Through Astronomy, I tap into you and your situation. 🔭 I locate your actual current guiding Star and Zodiac constellation which allows me to view a timeline. I have created my own unique Astronomy Timeframe if you are looking at best scenario conclusion timing.⏳️ reading. I need the first name, full date of birth or approximate age of any person you want to bring into your reading. As a honest and no nonsense, reader, I don’t have the ability to ask spirit for details like a future lovers appearance, what they do for work where they’re located. Because quite frankly, if I could just ask those types of details and get an accurate answer, I’d be good enough to get those lotto numbers and trust me I’d be very rich LOL I can look into the characteristics of this person and also a guideline of how you will meet. Anything else that comes through is completely up to Spirit. I’m very unique in my approach. VIDEOS ONE1️⃣ QUESTION ONLY🎟1️⃣ permitted for ALL 3 minute video requests. 3 minutes is only a BRIEF OVERVIEW. 🩲 If you're looking for an in-depth 🎆🎇 reading, I recommend Voice or Live Video. TRYOUTS I am happy to offer the first 5 minutes of your try-out reading for free. I can answe up to two questions on the same subject. MESSAGING Is available for clarity. Not for new questions or an extension of your reading. Please be respectful of boundaries. LOVE 👼 Career. 💸 Family Matters. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Work Issues. 👔 Automatic Writing allows me to go deep in chats. Diploma in Psychology Diploma in Holistic Counseling Diploma in Couple's and Family Therapy Diploma in Grief and Bereavement Diploma in Addiction Therapy Diploma in Eating Psychology Coach Diploma in Animal Communication Current Study Diploma in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Diploma in Emotional Freedom Technique ABOUT ME As an animal empath, by my side, is my fur-bebe Charlie The Psychic Pug and Twin Puppies Luna and Jimin. 🐶 Their energy awake or snoring helps me align to Psychic insight. I also offer Spiritual Animal Communication advice. Bring your pet into your reading and allow us to communicate any spiritual messages, your pet's behaviour and emotions may be concerning your pet. As well as looking into your soul contract with your pet. I will need a live reading situation. please have prepared your pets' full date of birth medical history behaviour and concerns. I do not offer medical readings. However, there is a body mind connection with all sentient beings. Experience my beautiful studio full of light and colour, and I will create a visible Aura for you. 🏳️‍🌈. Just ask for it through messages prior to your reading. As I need to meditate first. 🧘‍♀️ Live Aura 🚥 Guided Meditation, ⚕️ Light Colour. Live Reading appointments are available via a standard 3-minute video.


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