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14+ Years Of Readings! Trained by descendants of the Essenes. Over 900+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews/ratings on Bitwine (since 2014) ♊ Professional Astrologer and Clairvoyant ( also for many public figures, sports athletes, and reconciling couples) ♈ Family psychic ✅ LBGTQ friendly --- 💚  Looking away from matter to mind as the cause of every effect, I am able to, through Divine Metaphysics, have the truth revealed to you. 💚 💙 My readings shall assist you in manifesting better relationships and a power life. I have been taught, from childhood, about the building blocks of reality. 🔮 I channel Great Spirit to provide you with accurate and empowering information. ⭐RELATIONSHIP READINGS ⭕ AKASHIC RECORDS ⭕ PAST LIFE/TWIN FLAME CONNECTIONS⭐ ♉ We (myself and the guides) aim to guide you towards the creation of the reality you truly desire. ♉   ⚫ Guidelines For Guidance! ⚫ Be open and ready to receive. ✅ For the 3 minute video records, MAX THREE QUESTIONS, PLEASE. If you have more than 3 questions, please consider connecting via LIVE chat or phone. ✅ Please provide YOUR birthday, along with time/location of DOB, if known. (i.e, 6/101980, 10:22am, Croydon, UK). If you don't know/dont want to provide, that's totally fine. We'll connect via channeling, either way, just via different degrees. ✅ There's no judgment here. We can discuss anything that's on your mind. ✅ Mandatory: Don't look back. You're not going that way! ❤️Do you think public figures don't have their own personal spiritual advisors, psychics and astrologers? THINK AGAIN.❤️


Dream analysis, Psychic readings, Love readings

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