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We are walking into Gemini season 2024 with a boom. Expansion to learning, thought and philosophy is all prevalent this year, as the gas giant, Zeus himself, Jupiter reemerges in the youthful sign of the twins. The line up of planets moving with the sun this year include both Jupiter and Venus, known as the great and lesser benifics. In 2024 we will see Gemini become blessed with the familiar vibration, and expand in positivity This spring will present us with many opportunities to grow and play because the influence of competition and passion is exhalted and potent, with Mars in Aries, it's own home sign. For those born in 1989, 2012, 1977, 1965 this is a Jupiter return! Your manifestations of the past 12 years are ready for you to explore. ♈: Power, courage, energy and passion are running the show this season. Expect loving conversations, and wisdom to be bestowed on the daily. This is the season to get back into sports, try new things and meet new people. Siblings and Neighbors make a huge difference in your life this spring. ♉: Money is on your mind all month and though the tide is turning, it's not a reliable wave. Prepare with budgets or you're likely to need up in twice the debt and regret when the season ends mid June. your temper is running in your subconscious, and your way more trigger happy than you're aware of. ♊: Happy birthday baby! This year, you are the Genie! Wish master, and dream maker, this is the part of the year where you will not only shine brightest, but also stand to defeat your haters with your wise wit. I pray for anyone who tries to cross you this season. With Aries loaded, your friends are there to back you up, and your wins are undeniable. ♋: Work and career, legacy and lineage are all changing now. Your drive and vision is clear. people are noticing; let them talk. this is an excellent time for yoga and retreats, taking time to reconnect with your spiritual experience and practice of prayer and devotion will bring so much joy. ♌: The mass purge continues as the weight of past wrongs pulls your through this last leg of the most recent revelations. Your circle is shifting and the faces once familiar leave a stink of rot. You've outgrown this environment, and it's time to branch out. Calculate the cost of the bigger picture now, and stop apologizing for living your best life. ♍: The goal post has moved and because of that, your reputation is growing! people are speaking about you at tables you've never seen, and they are loving you from all sides. Your being asked to check your health and push yourself into more active and passionate routines. Partnering is still bringing challenges, as everyone you connect with is likely to hold a pretty high standard on what's worth their time. ♎: This spring gives a lucky boost to your travels, it's likely your feeling the push to dive back into studying or find the guru/mentor you need. This is a excellent time to expand your morals and values to make for more inclusive thoughts and opinions. your still working that passion project of self love but this spring it's likely your connections with others move fast. let them go, if it's meant to be, they will find their way back and come correct about it. ♏: Secret conversations with your loved ones are now helping you with forgiveness, for past traumas but also self imposed judgements. Your evolving again and this time the painful parts and sprinkled with joy, laughter and love. You now have the energy for new commitments in workout and health routines. ♐: What a view. You're front row seat for the most epic shift of spiritual intelligence in the social collective, and they all seem to see you are the one to be recognized by. This season, new friends, new levels in love, new passions, even some sexual healing are all at level with your reach. Speaking your story is needed for others to truly provide you your due honours, but watch out for haters. It's likely there's some sneaky shits in the shadows. ⚠️ : Do not feed the pests and give the vermin NONE of your attention - they will move on when they seem you are unwavering in your stoic stance. ♑: What was it that Rihanna said? "work work work work work" and it pays out in 4 weeks. This is the time to push harder and faster with the passion of the goat. You know your made for this so don't go forgetting how you got here. This is an excellent time for detailed care and adding to the plate. Your friends are quietly watching but you're being bet on too. this is the chapter where the flow just comes and the support is most solid. ♒: Love and joy, creation and vacation! this is the season here you really let your hair down. Your siblings and neighbors might be a bit irritable but it's just the motivation you need to refocus on the things that bring you joy. Changing your room or redecorating your car might just be the winning ticket to happy vibes this spring. Celebrate your love and life, it's time to feel good again. ♓: Big moves, new visitors and discoveries in your genealogy are all possible this season. It's also likely you go on a bit of a spending spree, watch out for emotional spending! Long walks and big talks are viable options for experiences to remember and events to cherish. Neighbors and Sibling could be experiencing some quick shifts, your likely to be asked to help them digest this change.


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