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Last chapter of 2023: November and December ♐♐♐♑♑♑♑ Hark the Harold. - or rather, mute him. 🤨 With the energies of revision in the frequency of story telling, we may find that what was once seen as insightful and wise is now exposed as pompous white lies. 🫢 Starting on November 25th we enter into the chapter of “faith vs truth”. Mercury will enter its shadow at 22.10 degrees of Sagittarius, to where it will eventually retrograde back over. 😶‍🌫️ From the 25th of November until Dec 13, the effecting planet of facts will pull up all the “truths” and outdated “opinion” of our collective. 🤐 Governments and internal governing narratives are going to come up against uncompromising vibrations that reject the outdated narratives, exposing them as unsightly and useless. 🫡🤕 During this time, people will trip up on their lies, and we will find that the universe refuses to make space for the “necessary evil” in the shifting baseline of what is considered normal, outrage and polarization is likely to expand. 🤥 This is because we see Mercury face off with Saturn in a mutable square, as they fight to reset what truth really is. 🥸 There is an energy of contention that shows up as mercury dances through its shadow space for the first time, and this energy sees a very competitive and aggressive agitation.🫨 Agitation from Sagittarius Mars the planet of war squares off with Saturn, the planet of restriction and death in the sign of acceptance and loss, Pisces. This accumulates to a full tension in the last week of November starting on the 24th.🥳 December 3rd, we see Venus enter the mix as she and Saturn do a positive dance from the water signs. 🥹 Venus enters Scorpio on the 5th of December bringing a symmetry to the already intense arguments and energies.🫣 There's light at the end of the tunnel, but you got to look in the shadows first.🤗 Dec 13th: Mercury begins its retrograde. Jupiter will make an aspect of retrograding Mercury first, and then Saturn will follow in a harsh alignment. 🧐 The big ideas and principles of argument will face new information and we will be given an opportunity to evolve and develop what we think we know. 💕 On the 23rd, Mercury will be retrograding and re-enter the sign of Sagittarius and he will finish out in December doing just that, as he makes his way back to the spot where this all started at 22°.💥 It should be noted that there is also a Mars Mercury conjunction that is loose but effective on the 27th of December. You're going to want to avoid those political conversations this holiday season a little bit more than normal.😇 Don't bother talking about your faith. It's a personal experience, and it's nobody else's business anyway. 🫢 Opinions are like private parts, everybody has one but it's not something you're going to wave around without offending people. 🤣 Quick reminder, I do have gift cards on sale, feel free to hit me up and I'll give you a sweet deal. #Sagittarius #Mercury #Mercuryretrograde #mercuryGatorade #Capricorn #astrology #vibes #holidayfun Xo Brie My services are astrology based but I am a third generation psychic as well. If you lead with your birthday and your issue we can go from there and clear up whatever it is. that's confusing you. I'm ready to help if you're ready to receive. I work a lot with intent, mindset, motivation as well as the power of manifestation. I am a silver lining person but I also am completely honest. please be prepared with acceptance to understand that just because you don't want to hear it doesn't mean you aren't supposed to. Prices: ( Eastern Standard Time ) 💥🌝🌞💥Daylight Sale!💥🌞🌝💥 Rate 40% cheaper between 9am and 6pm est


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