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PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING WITH ME: I DO NOT OFFER: ⚫️Dream interpretation questions ⚫️Timelines/Dates of when something will happen ⚫️Health/Medical/Pregnancy/Legal/ Lottery/Money Readings ⚫️Please only ask me one to 2 questions MAX! If you are dealing with multiple people please purchase an additional reading so i can answer your questions fully! ⚫️I do not answer any follow up questions! If you have any additional questions please book another reading. ⚫️The only way you can change the future is by changing your thoughts/beliefs and assumptions! This is the reason why you experience what you experience in your 3D reailty. So until you change that is when things change in your reality. PERIOD. ⚫️DO not rely on any predictions given in any readings at all. What you assume to be true is what you will experience until you change it! I only pick up on the current state your in and THAT’S IT! The only way that it can change is by changing your dominant thoughts! ⚫️Keep in mind thay energy ALWAYS changes at ALL times! Energy always reflects based on your own thoughts! Everyone is YOU pushed out!!! Please only take what messages resonate with you and leave what doesn’t. Also please keep any negative comments/reviews to yourself. Its just a reading and not the end of the world! If you do leave a negative review I will not answer you if you decide to rebook me so please take that as a warning! Remember its your dominant thoughts and assumptions is what creates your reality! If you want things to change YOU have to be the change and that’s it! Are you tired of going around in circles with your person/situation? Are you tired of getting hot and cold behavior with your person or are feeling hopeless and lost and are tired of getting readings in your person and things are not changing? Im here to help you get on the right track! I am a Law of Assumption based intuitive spiritual advisor and reader that will tap into your higher self to answer any questions you may have in regards to your situation. Whether you’re curious to know what is going on with a specific person that you’re dealing with or with someone you care about. I will help you discect the reasons why your person is showing up the way that they are now and will teach you how to change that by providing affirmations for you to use to change your dominant thoughts and beliefs that you have in order to help change your situation with your SP or anything that you are struggling with. Using my clairaudience and my spirit guides will help you understand your situation in depth and how you can take your power back, that you are the god of your reality. Disclaimer: Please note that any messages that I pick up on may or may not resonate so please only take what messages resonate with you and to leave what doesn’t. Tarot is NOT always 100% accurate and is only for entertainment purposes ONLY! Also please note that nothing is ever permanent and that I only pick up on what the current energy is at the cure moment that you book with me. Nothing is set in stone and YOU are the creator of your reality! So use all the messages that are given to you at your own discretion! If you are interested in a longer more in depth reading in regards to your situation you can connect with me on Bitwine! Feel free to message me and ill be more than happy to assist you!


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