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About my services

With the use of a tarot deck and oracle deck(s), intuitively chosen by myself🧿, I help you uncover the answers and the best path to take for your journey/dilemma. I offer an intuitive interpretation of a multiple cards spread but I'm happy to modify if you have a specific request or need. Please allow time for yourself to really take in the message and to help you retain what applies to your current situation. I also use other divination tools like the pendulum or astrodice for quick yes or no questions. Available upon request. I do not provide legal advice⚖️, health advice⚕️or pregnancy predictions. Health advice includes mental health and substance abuse. I do not provide specific timelines. My advice/predictions have been said to occur anytime from a few days to a year. I’m fully bilingual and can offer readings in French and English. J’offre également toutes mes lectures de tarot en français.


Love readings, Tarot readings, Psychic readings

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