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Hello! Welcome to my profile! My name is Ricardo Baratela. I'm 36 and live in São Paulo - Brazil. I'm a Libra, with Taurus rising and Moon in Aries. My main focus is on specific questions. The more detailed your question is, the better and more precise my answer will be. Try me! Tarot is my passion (or more like my obsession lol), to the point where I live and breathe it. Tarot is a boundless connection to my spirituality. It also happens to be my profession — I work exclusively as a tarot advisor, teacher, and master, counseling people through their journeys and teaching new tarot students the art of tarot reading. So it's a great deal choosing me as your advisor. 👉 HERE ARE SOME DISCLAIMERS, TIPS AND THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE CALLING ME ON PURPLE OCEAN: 💜 Be prepared for the truth, nothing beyond the truth. I take my job very seriously and I do NOT sugarcoat my readings. If the reading is good or bad, you must be prepared for it. 💖 I am NOT a psychic or medium. I get all the information I need from Tarot and I'm great at it. I DEFINITELY NEED CONTEXT! DON'T HIDE SENSIBLE INFORMATION if you want to get a quality reading. 💙 I make predictions, this is part of the job, BUT you should know that my readings are not prophecies. Things can change. Tarot and I are not to be blamed if you change your actions for good or bad and that might impact outcomes. If that's the case, it happened for a reason.  🧡 If you choose a chat call or a video reading (24h or rush delivery), ensure you have already typed your questions, context, and all the information you think is relevant to send me before our call. You can type, copy and paste the text so we can use our time together more efficiently.   🩷 If our time together runs out and you still need your questions answered, I'll kindly ask you to send them via private messaging. You can send me one question within that modality, and I'll send you the reading as soon as possible (sometimes not right away because I get calls often, so be patient). You should know this is my COURTESY to you, so please use it respectfully.  ❤️‍🔥 HERE ARE SOME "NO NO" SUBJECTS WITHIN MY READINGS: Infidelity, death, legal issues, gambling, third parties (gossip), pregnancy, body health, and illegal stuff. It's my right not to talk about those subjects, so please be advised.


Oracle guidance, Tarot readings, Love readings

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