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About my services

The cards tell a us a story, our story. For every individual, reader, or seeker they speak to us through images and symbols that transcend language, speaking directly to our soul. The feelings that we get as each card is turned over creates a tapestry of our lives and situations. These are the feelings that will help us see and understand, not with our eyes and mind but rather with our hearts. It is easy to fool the mind, simple to trick the eyes, but impossible to pull one over on the heart. Life is confusing, constantly shifting, and when we feel lost in itโ€™s maze the tarot serves as our compass. It offers up to everyone who seeks guidance the wisdom to navigate the maze safely, and exert their free will to play an active role in their lives. The Tarot together with our higher selves and spirit guides paint a portrait of the wisdom we need; I simply interpret the brush strokes. I offer an array of reading durations and styles to best fit the seekers needs. My ultimate goal in every reading is to help give clarity and peace to the seeker, along with the confidence to exert their free will with the advice and wisdom of the cards.


Oracle guidance, Tarot readings, Love readings

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