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With two decades of Tarot consultation experience, I approach every session with a keen sense of focus and kindness. Being an empathetic advisor, I prefer using Tarot as my primary means of divination due to its ability to provide more precise insights than relying on intuition or experience alone. My aim, regardless of the issues you present, is to provide practical advice or a fresh viewpoint that motivates you to nurture progress. Intuitive insight from me can help open new pathways or reveal opportunities. My comprehensive approach to advising also folds in elements of astrology, numerology, pendulum use, I-Ching, geomancy, and coaching methodologies alongside Tarot. This allows me to customize our session based on your needs. To maximize the benefits of our brief time together, please note the information below and bear in mind that a reading merely uncovers possibilities. Your free will has the power to alter almost anything! Your reading may act as a compass pointing to what remains unseen, but remember, no one's destiny is carved in stone. There's no assurance of favorable results without proactive measures on your part. As you seize control of your future, it's crucial to hold the reins of how you interpret and implement the advice and strategy provided during a session. Even if outcomes don't align with your expectations, we can chart a new course for you. Collaborate with me and ensure that your efforts are strategically placed for manifesting the best results possible! 🔮Specialties🔮 🌙Life Purpose 🌙Career & Workplace 🌙Spiritual Path 🌙Relationship Compatibility 🌙Situational Insight & Forecasts ✨Video Orders✨ Please limit your reading to 1 question, but no more than 3. 🧿Disclaimer🧿 A session with me is not a substitute for professional health, financial, or legal advice. I am neither a doctor, a banker, nor a lawyer. You are advised to hire a professional in those fields to assist you with those issues.


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