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Hello! 🌟 I offer psychic readings, energy readings, and life guidance/coaching. I specialize in love and relationships, as well as Twin Flame/Soulmate readings. ✨I’m an empath, clairvoyant and clairsentient, and claircognizant. I can pick up on the thoughts, feelings and energy of a person as well as see outcomes of relationships and situations. 🌙 I use my Spirit Guides to guide me as well as tarot and oracle cards. ✨ I am honest, genuine and offer a no-nonsense approach. My goal is to guide you to healing, which means I need to be completely honest and open with you with what I pick up on. This may lead to a message you do not want to hear nor perhaps are ready to hear yet. Please understand that messages are given to me by Spirit/Source for you and you are meant to hear them to learn a lesson, to heal, and to move forward on your path in this life. 💫 It is my intention that you gain clarity, advice, insight and are given the tools to help change anything about your path that isn’t on course for you, and for you to come into your own healing and power! My goal is to empower you to make your decisions and do the self healing work to feel better! ‼️ PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING: ❗️I DO NOT offer readings on: • Pregnancy • Legal advice • Health diagnosis (physical/mental) • Timelines/Exact dates • Connecting with a passed loved one • Dream analysis • Astrology • General readings ❗️Please DO NOT provide full names and DO NOT show photos as it protects privacy. I also DO NOT need date of birth or astrology signs to do your reading. ❗️PLEASE know that the messaging section is meant for clarification purposes ONLY. If you need additonal questions answered please resepct my time and energy and submit an additional reading. ❗️ALSO please don’t choose to leave a negative review after the message window closes. This doesn’t allow for any clarification to your reading.


Tarot readings, Love readings, Psychic readings

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