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I'm a Tarot Reader and medium who gives honest and non judgemental readings and advice. I always come from a place of love and deep respect for my clients and their individual concerns. My goal is to help you choose the best path forward and empower you. You will find my services quick, informative and to the point. Rather than simply predict your future I will help you to gain insight on gifts and challenges in your future and how to work with your present energies to create a future where you're truly happy. It is my belief that if you have the opportunity to see the future it's so you can prepare for it or make choices that enable a better future to happen. I will use Tarot cards in most of my readings as they're a great tool for clarifying the messages which come to me. You may ask for Oracle Cards or Runes (Elder Futhark) be used instead or specify if you'd prefer I use only my psychic insights and no tools. 💫Services Offered: ⭐Tarot Readings ⭐Oracle Readings ⭐Love Readings romantic or platonic ⭐Past Life Channeling ⭐Soulmate/Twinflame ⭐Career Readings ⭐Starseed Readings ⭐Insight on Your spiritual gifts ⭐Psychic Medium ⭐Rune Readings 💖 Please Read The Following Before Ordering 💖: ❤️I cannot offer advice of a legal or medical nature. This means I can't answer pregnancy related questions either. (against PO/PG policy) 🧡I cannot provide any information or advice or recommendations pertaining to the value, viability, or investment or purchase value of any security, sweepstakes, lottery, games of chance, etc. (against PO/PG policy) 💛No spells/magic/spell removal (against PO/PG policy) 💟 If you've left a bad review before I completely respect that but it means our energies don't align and I ask that you kindly avoid placing readings with me in the future. ❤️‍🔥Timing/Timelines are never guaranteed and are always estimates but I can give you info into zodiacal seasons that have the best energy for what you are hoping for. 💚I don't provide names or initials or appearances. 🩵I don't offer readings on lost items/people/pets 💙I make predictions based on the current energies - But please note that the future can change for good or bad based on the actions and attitudes taken by those involved. If the outcomes changes it's happened for a reason. 💗Please remember your future depends on the choices you make, it's up to you to decide what to do with the insights I give you. Please use your own discernment when making decisions. 💜When asking your questions please limit it to one topic per reading and three questions max. 🩷I always try my best to offer clarification/follow up after the reading in regards to anything I said during the reading. However, sometimes I am too busy with active orders to clarify before messaging expires. 💓I'm not at all judgemental so please don't feel like you need to put a mask on with me as this can skew the energy. The lessons your soul chose for its growth may be different from mine or someone else's. If you provide a video it makes it easier for me to connect with your energy. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you ❤️


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