Thaleia Nova

Oracle-Union Coach-Medium
1.5h average response
99.8% on-time delivery

About my services

🕊️Divine Union Coach!🕊️ 🌹Tarot/TarotTherapy/Oracle Readings on most subjects! ✨Channeled Messages 🌹Love/Soulmate/Twin Flame Guidance ✨Mediumship- Messages from spirit, passed on loved ones, angels/guides, spirit babies & ancestors 🌹Dream interpretation- what your subconscious is trying to tell you! ✨Life Coaching/Spiritual Advice-Learn how to tap into your own gifts and abilities to create the life you desire 𖤐♡𖤐 I am a psychic medium, channeler, healer & spiritual guide who provides intuitive and thought provoking readings to help you see from a higher perspective. I will tell you what I honestly see in your given situation with empathy and compassion. I will use a theraputic approach to my communication with you to give you the best messages possible. I will surely bring great vibes and energy to you through my readings! 𖤐♡𖤐 ⏱️Timelines are ever changing due to free will of both parties involved~ I do not read timeframes unless they come up naturally in the reading⏱️ Please if you do not feel satisfied with your reading please let me know in the messages so I may provide clarity for you. I am also willing to do a follow up chat conversation rather than leave me a negative review. I am always doing my best to provide you with the answers you seek🙏🏼


Tarot readings, Love readings, Psychic readings

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