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✨🔮✨Love and Relationship Readings, LGBTQ Readings, Potential POI Readings, Co-Worker Readings, Break Up Readings, Twinflame Readings, Marriage Readings, Separation Readings, Third party Interference Readings By Aria🌙🔮 ❤️LOVE READINGS ONLY❤️ NO GENERAL READINGS ✅ The quality of your reading is based on your energy as I am EMPATH. So I highly suggest if there is energies that have upset you before hand then I do not recommend entering a reading with me. ✅ Those quickly opting in leaving negative reviews without contacting me first to clarify with clear intention of stating untruth in the review with the purpose of vindication and opting to return and continue is the energy you release💫 🧿 ✅ I do not do continued readings in the message inbox section although I will clarify a question of concern that was already within the original reading. ✅ I do not do fast pass Q&A readings meaning those that state “Hurry Up” or anything along the lines of rushing within the first few seconds into the reading due to financial situations its probably best to wait to receive a quality reading. 🍁A reading consists of tuning into the energies that surround the situation and what my psychic abilities pick up and other details that make up a genuine reading. Thats why its called “A Reading”


Love readings, Psychic readings, Tarot readings

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