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❤️ Love and Relationship Readings, LGBTQ Readings, Potential POI Readings, Co-Worker Readings, Break Up Readings, Twinflame Readings, Marriage Readings, Separation Readings, Third party Interference Readings By Aria🌙 ❤️LOVE READINGS ONLY❤️ NO GENERAL READINGS ✅ The quality of a reading is based on your energy entering the reading to receive “QUALITY” ✅ Those quickly opting in leaving negative reviews without contacting me first to clarify and being “obviously untruthful and vindictive” I do state NO sugar coating in profile so if one is not ready to hear the truth than I am not the reader. ✅ I do not do continued readings in the message inbox section although I will clarify a question of concern that was already within the original reading. ✅ I do not do Q&A readings. ✅ A reading consists of “tuning into the energies that surround the situation” If looking to get a lightning ⚡️fast reading to save due to a financial situation I understand, but know it is not genuinely a reading in my field and it would be best to return when better situated for a quality reading.


Love readings, Psychic readings, Tarot readings

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