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Hello, 🚨Please provide your Birthday as well as the Birtbday of the POI. It allows me to connect to your situation. 🚨 My name is Roberto. Gifted at birth to intuitively read a variety of situations I use a combination of divination cards and astrology to find the answer to you are looking for. Possessing a broad understanding of Masculine and Feminine Energys it provides me deeper insights into love and relationships. I have spent many years helping couples come to union. I will gladly provide you the guidance on how to navigate your relationship and will attempt to provide detailed insights on the inner workings of your partners mind. The answers I provide are not for those looking to hear what they want. They are for those looking to hear what they need. I can not speak for what other advisors see. If you are closed minded, I am not the one for you. 🌈LGBTQ friendly🌈 I am open-minded and do not discriminate an individuals situation, as I myself took a long road on my own spirtual path. 🚨RULES -I am not a Medium -No General Readings -Do not try to test me, its disrespectful -Nothing Legal or Court related -No Pregnancy -No Health -No Timelines (as time is fluid) -No Witchcraft -The more information provided the clearer the reading


Tarot readings, Psychic readings, Love readings

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