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I use tarot, oracle, pendulum, numerology, and astrology. My preferred method is tarot and oracle. Pendulum may be used to answer yes or no questions. Please be sure to ask how, what and why questions for best results. I do readings on love, career, goals, past life, dream interpretations and general advice. Please have a very specific question with general advice readings as with all inquiries. Names and DOB are required. Reviews are helpful. I DO NOT offer readings on health, (including pregnancies), legal matters, lotteries, undisclosed extramarital affairs or random general readings. I also do not offer mediumship (speaking with deceased ones), however we can do an ancestral reading with the tarot ans oracle decks. I will answer two questions in the video. I will also be pre-pulling the cards. That allows me more time to focus on the energy of the reading. I will answer one clarifying question after the reading in the comment section. If you have another question pertaining to something else, feel free to book another session with me and I will be happy to help you with that as well. Please provide names and birthdates of your P.O.I. and all parties involved. Be very detailed with your inquiry as that will help me with said reading. Time is of the essence. I will not be able to answer more questions in the same reading. If you have a clarifying question, ask me after the reading is done. I give honest answers based upon what is shown in the reading. I am a compassionate person and I will extend that energy to you. Please be considerate of my feelings as well. If you are rude or disrespectful, I will not do a future reading with you. I do not give time frames at the current moment. This may change at a later date. I do not give descriptions of parties/people unless I feel led to. Past life and dream interpretation readings are speculative. There is no way of fully proving the accuracy of them. Be mindful of this, realizing that such readings are for spiritual healing purposes only. I believe in the sanctity of marriage. I won’t pass judgement on you for that type of inquiry, however, understand that I will not intentionally do readings on extramarital affairs. I can refer you to anther trusted reader who would be happy to assist you. Give the reading time to come to pass/ manifest. Also, remember that time is fluid and free will is always at play. Actions cause reactions and anything can change course given the opportunity. Be clear with the intentions of the outcome that you desire. Please leave reviews. It’s always a pleasure to see how one’s life has been touched positively by your own. If you leave a negative review, I will not read for you again in the future. I ask that before you leave a negative review that you reach out to me for clarity on your reading. Remember, no new (subject) questions will be answered.


Oracle guidance, Tarot readings, Love readings

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