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I am a clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairaudient psychic medium and I use my abilities to read your energy, your aura and your chakras and work with your higher self to heal🔮 I look for any blocked energy or images that represent blocks or limiting beliefs that are ready to be healed.  These often show up as past lives but they can also be childhood programming or the influences of others around you.  If we see it in a reading, it is often ready to be healed✨ I love relationship readings since there is almost always a past life or many that have not been completed.  Often we meet people again to complete these lessons.  Each relationship also has a "contract" or a purpose so I can look at your relationship contracts to see what each of your lessons are in this lifetime. I can also support you by looking at your energy related to money & career 💸 , and home 🏠 or land (everything is made of energy!) or ❤️‍🩹 health issues I end each reading w a quick healing for all 💜🙏🏽 🏳️‍🌈LGBTQI+ friendly 🚫I do not give advice. I do not want to interfere with the lessons you came here to learn. 🚫I do not tell the future. It is always changing 🚫I do not read others without permission. However I can always look at how your energy relates to them 🚫I do not do free readings. Set up time is used to clarify the information you provided. Please respect my time as I will respect yours. I can not tell you exactly what a person is thinking or what they will do. However, I can always see the energy around an issue and provide clarity and healing around anything blocking its full potential.   I will always give you an honest assessment of the situation so please be open to listening even if it is not what you want to hear. In every case you will receive healing. You may not understand or agree with everything I share but I am 💯 confident in the information. Sometimes we are not aware of our subconscious thoughts and when we resist, that is often a sign we need to be open to a new way of thinking. I can only do one follow up question with 3 minute readings.  Please be respectful of my time since I often get many back to back readings.  I always share the information that is most relevant for your healing and it may not be exactly what you asked about. To receive the most impactful reading, I highly recommend a minimum of 20 min live phone, video or chat readings so we can move the energy together. I am also a tarot reader. If you would like a tarot reading please request it. I can only pull one card for a 3 minute reading. If you want a full tarot reading please allow 20-30 minutes and I will share information on the past, present, future. I also do spiritual counseling. If you are here you very likely have your own gifts. I can provide training on how to fully utilize and accept your gifts in a way that feels safe.


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