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About my services

Greetings! I will channel your highest guides and archangels to assist you with any concern you may have. I specialize in matters of the heart, career and life direction and messages from loved ones who have crossed over. I also love to give pet readings! I look forward to meeting you! GUIDELINES FOR A GOOD READING Here are my general guidelines if you feel you are drawn to get a reading from me: 1. I will not judge your situation as we all come from different walks of life. I am here to help you find your greatest good. 2. I ask that you listen and keep an open mind to the information you receive. A reading does not always make complete sense in the beginning and you may not be able to validate certain details until much later in some cases. 3. I do not believe in absolute timelines as nothing is written in stone. If I do not give you a timeline, it means free will is in effect. Thank you for understanding. πŸ™ 4. There is a limit to how much information we can ask about a third party. If I do not offer the information it means that any further probing is an invasion of their privacy. 5. I cannot guarantee that a certain person will come through in a mediumship reading. It is up to the level that they are able to connect and their ability and willingness to transmit messages to you. 6. I am not able to connect with the spirit world in live chat or video readings if you have less than 10 minutes remaining in your account. It isn’t fair to them or me. It takes a few minutes to validate and establish a strong connection when working in the Spiritual realm. 7. I am happy to answer ONE additional question in the comment section following the reading, however I ask that it is limited to a related concern. NO EXCEPTIONS. I am happy to give you a separate reading if you want to explore the situation further. 8. Please no legal, medical or pregnancy questions! I also will not comment on soulmates or twin flames as I believe these terms are overused and manipulated to force a desired outcome. 9. I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy in any reading. Please come to your reading fully prepared with your questions. Taking a few moments to become centered will greatly improve our connection. Please do not leave an unfair review unless you truly feel we did not connect. It is my job to be honest, not to just tell you what you want to hear. 10. Lastly, I cannot make your decisions for you. We are all given the gift of free will. I am here to help you find the best solution for your particular concern. And always remember, the more general your question, the more general the answer! πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ


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