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About my services

I am a Tarot-Card Reader and Spiritual Advisor of who has been conducting professional Readings from various Tarot-Booths within down-town Los Angeles since the year 2011. I then proceeded to assist individuals and Clients remotely as well as in-person whilst living in the country of Mexico, and thus such exposure to a different culture, language and overall life-style has also helped and served to broaden my perspectives, enhance my knowledge and strengthen my connections to all different types of people. Tribulations such as dealing with familial conflicts, issues occurring (or re-occurring) with Colleagues or just assisting and guiding one along in finding his or her best and most optimal Career/Love prospects or 'passion-projects' are all wonderful experiences for me. I maintain a quick Type-Speed and am efficient and conscientious in completing and delivering Client-Orders. °Please do note that I do not provide specific Timelines. Time-frames are flexible and subject to alter, change and fluctuate based upon many different variables, factors, influences and Energetic-Frequencies, : ). °Please do ask specific rather than more Generalized Questions. For the 3-Minute Recorded Videos, please 'Submit' and include a maximum of three Questions per Order. Sending a plethora and excessive number of Questions simply does not allow time for each one to be individually addressed. : ). °I do not provide Readings for things of Legal or Medical nature. This includes and pertains to any Pregnancy and Paternity-Tests and/or Results-oriented matters.


Tarot readings, Psychic readings, Love readings

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