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Arcanoùs Tarot card reading is a form of spiritual guidance which will aid you navigating life’s upheavals in a constructive and intuitive manner. Whether those dilemmas concern the love dimension, your career path, your spiritual aspirations, … This guidance operates as a magnifying glass, revealing the subconscious blockages which may be holding you back. It is an observation, a temporary jump outside of your reality, a moment of suspension that will provide you with new keys of comprehension. This Tarot card reading will instil a wind of confidence and clarity in order to gain a new momentum as you dive back, after your session, into the adventure of your life journey. ​ Consider this time you offer yourself as a chance to re-discover and re-connect with your most authentic self, distilling old ways of being, shedding old skins, and rising above fear, in order to elevate your spirit and act from an inspired state of being.


Tarot readings, Psychic readings, Love readings

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