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I am a solitary eclectic witch and intuitive empath. My methods may seem somewhat unconventional to some as I may refer to my guidebook or notes as a reference or refresher to then summarize your reading with my own interpretation, so please excuse my terrible memory. If this isn't an issue for you I'd be more than happy to help you. It has never proven to be an issue for any of my clients but I just want to be as transparent as I possibly can as to avoid issues with readings. I have been reading for 9 years and have helped friends, family, and complete strangers. Both in person and online. I am here to help people gain clarity and a sense of peace and stability in their lives. Whatever you are going through we can get through it together. I make it my goal to help you walk away feeling more refreshed and informed than you felt before, in hopes that it will take you down the path you are meant to journey through or the one you mold for yourself. Life is a game. The universe indeed has a plan for all of us. Ultimately it's up to us what decisions we're going to make and what path we choose to take. I, my guides and ancestors are here to help guide you. During and after your reading, please bare in mind that I will NOT be answering any further questions in chat besides the initial one you pay for. Any further questions will have to be answered in separate readings that you may purchase later. Being a witch and medium can be rather taxing so thank you for understanding.


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