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PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING ❤️ I am powerfully in tune with the spirit guides. I am a spritual leader. I have been doing tarot and dream interpretation for 15 years. My preferred deck is The Lenormand deck. I also use dowsing rods if youd like me to ask them questions. I have traveled all over the world and learned many types of tarot/wiccan/pagan works. I am eager to help you and make you feel comfortable. I am happy to discuss any topic and get you the answers you need. 🫧 1-2 questions per purple ocean order. Three minutes is a very small window. NO LEGAL OR HEALTH QUESTIONS via Purple Ocean rules. 🫧 Be specific with your questions. That helps to get more specific answers. General readings are NOT usually good because your energy is directed nowhere. 🫧 REMINDER: follow-up communication is not garanteed. It helps me to tune back in and flip some cards to answer more questions. Please place another Purple Ocean order ✨ 🫧 The guides do not always know the future. They have opinions. People also change their minds. Keep an open mind during readings. We are not pre-programmed robots. Our minds change daily. It is better to tune in every few weeks to see how energy has shifted. 🫧 I can also offer readings from The Daily Crystal, which is where we do a tarot reading for which stone you need to carry with you that day. Its insight on your most needed crystal at that current time. 🫧 The more I tune in with you and get to know your situation, the clearer the answers will be. 🫧 If youre not satisfied with your reading, let me know what more info youre looking for and I can help you further in messaging. Im here to help. Positive reviews are always greatly appreciated because it helps build our business and career ✨ thank you ❤️


Dream analysis, Tarot readings, Love readings

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