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About my services

Hey love! ✨🪷✨ During our consultation, you can expect an insightful journey with me as I help to shed light on your present and future relationships My style is compassionate, straight forward, sensitive, and highly detailed. I also provide potential fates and timelines Prepare for an experience that fosters self discovery in matters of the heart 💖🥀 ••• With over 10 years of experience as a psychic, I've guided many individuals through my areas of expertise which are… 🌹 Clairvoyance 🌹 Earth Divination ~ Astrology 🌹 Energetic Eye Readings 🌹 Tarot 🌹 Oracle 🌹 Dream Interpretation 🌹 Life Coaching 🌹 Cowrie Shells ~ Yes or No 🌹 Chakra Readings I connect profoundly, with or without tools ••• I specialize in… 🌹 Career & Finances 🌹 Travel 🌹 Family 🌹 Marriage 🌹 Love Triangles 🌹 Polyamory 🌹 Friendships 🌹 Twin flames 🌹 Love & Relationships 🌹 Soulmates 🌹 POI ••• I will do my best to provide transparent insight but please keep in mind that nothing is set in stone within the universe. Things may be subject to change and somethings are out of our control. So please use your discernment. Thank you for understanding ••• ❌ I DO NOT OFFER ADVISEMENT FOR…❌ MEDICAL OR PREGNANCY LEGAL MATTERS SPELLS OR RITUALS INFIDELITY LOST ITEMS GAMBLING EVIL


Tarot readings, Psychic readings, Love readings

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