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IMPORTANT READ FOR ALL POTENTIAL CLIENTS: WELCOME AND MUCH MUCH LOVE TO YOU! I’m honored and grateful to the Universe for all energies sent my way for me to guide them to answers they seek. Advisors are given three minutes through video to give you answers. I ask of my potential clients to provide one (1) question and details you seek within that question by sharing this in the “detail” section. I use Tarot and Oracle to help guide me to my answers. I always call in all energies along with your question in my cards and bless them before I start. I start to record once I’ve received your cards (using Tarot and Oracle) I will share your cards as well as what’s guided for me to share with you regarding your concern. The process to bless my area and cards take some time along with me sharing your answers within the 3 minute frame. Asking more than one is alot for an advisor to answer, especially me, in the time frame given for one session. I’ve received this request many times and it takes alot of energy to answer more than one question in three minutes. As a client, I understand you seek answers for what you pay and expect to receive all answers for many of your concerns you share when you place your order, and as an advisor I want you to understand my viewpoint on how services are done through Purple Ocean and how I do my work as an advisor. If you have more than one question, please purchase another reading from me.


Oracle guidance, Tarot readings, Love readings

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