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I'm Claircognizant psychic love advisor, tarot reader who focuses on pinpointing feelings, understanding others and finding guidance for your path forward. Ask me as many questions as you can & I will find the clarity you desire. I love adding more details and answering clarity questions in the comments but please do allow some time for me to get back to you. On busy days I can't guarantee I'm going to reply comments in the hour but I will always strive to! Please note I do use frequency music softly in the background to create an open and aligned atmosphere. There may also be rain sounds in the background of my videos as it does rain a lot where I am.πŸ’— Please be mindful of this when booking. Live chats work best if you prepare your main questions, poi name, bday and any other details upfront so I can start responding from the get go. I am able to type a fairly long paragraph in 2-3 mins with detailed answers. i tend to type long answers so if I appear to be typing for a while please know I'm working on a very detailed answer. Should you prefer, short replies please state so in your initial message so I can stick to yes/no and a short sentence as reply. πŸ€— IMPORTANT: In love situations we all have freewill but guidance from Spirit & following said guidance is what leads to the predicted outcome. If you choose to not follow the guidance provided and receive a different outcome please do not leave a negative review as this is unfair to me. I provide guidance in every reading to get you to the outcome that is aligned & meant to be but we can all delay our outcomes through free will and choosing to go against the guidance from spirit.


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