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Like magic, you’ve landed on my page, which is a sign from the stars that we are already connected! Your heart and mine will be linked during our time together, so please ask your burning questions with openness. Many answers will be revealed as we explore this link. My Specialities: - Matters of the heart: 🫀Love, relationships, and soul mate bonds (as a love oracle, this is what I am known for the most) - Matters of the mind: 🦋future visions (short and long term), career paths, creative pursuits. - Matters of the spirit: 🕊️Past Life Journeys, dreams, connection with those that have passed on About our time together: ✨ Please ask 1- 3 questions during our special session. ✨ Specificity with your questions is very important for card readings and allows me to pick up on more details within the divine worlds. Specific energy creates specific answers. ✨ Follow ups may happen if the information presents itself further. For the best follow up, please request more time with me so we can dive deeper into what you seek. Just like life, some things are complex and require more care. ✨ I do like to develop ongoing reading relationships with people if that is something they feel drawn to. I find that guides are more inclined to reveal more if they are familiar with the person. ✨ If requesting a reading connecting to a spirit that has passed on, please plan on the session taking longer than a usual reading- these take a lot of energy and force to connect within that realm. We’re not a good fit if: You would like speciality readings involving runes, crystal balls, palmistry, or astrology. You’re not open to the possibility that you control at least part of your own destiny.


Tarot readings, Psychic readings, Love readings

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