Rozah Light

Spiritual Coach, Tarot Channeler
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About my services

Hello beautiful souls! I’m Rozah. 💕🇨🇦 An intuitive spiritual advisor with over 7 years of professional experience. As an old soul deeply connected with the Creator & my spirit guides, I bring wisdom, Light and positivity into your life through my own intuition, and utilizing the tools of: 🎴Tarot 🔮Oracle ♒️ Astrology 👼 My Intuition, Soul, Angels, and Spirit Guides 📜 Ancient Tools (Kabbalah) 🃏 A Note On The Tarot: 🃏 🎴The tarot doesn’t simply predict the future, it is a tool for the soul, a tool to bridge our consciousness with the upper worlds to deliver us powerful messages we need to hear to move forward in life and achieve our full potential. 🎴 It speaks in code, symbols and intuition directly from the soul that guide you forward in life in the right direction based on the current energies. 🎴 I use the tool of the tarot to channel messages for you based on current energies. Everything in life is manifested through our thoughts, choices, and actions we take. Come to me if you’re ready to take accountability to changing your state, your circumstances, and make empowered changes in your life. 🩷My readings are PERSONAL and INTENTIONAL! 🤲🏽I am always TRUTHFUL and HONEST about the energies I see. (Coming from LOVE and no judgement, always.) Boundaries & Guidelines: 🚫No third-party readings/spying. 🚫No timeframes. (Sometimes general timeframes come through but cannot be forced) 🚫No medical advice, including pregnancy. ✅Respecting the craft means understanding that it's not about testing the psychic, but about receiving guidance and insights from your spiritual team.


Angel insights, Tarot readings, Love readings

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