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Dayna, a natural born Intuitive and certified in Bioenergetics-brings forth a wealth of experience cultivated over 15 years, deeply rooted in her own health struggles. She may be new to Purple Ocean but not to the spirtual world and working with clients. Her approach transcends through providing guidance and insights however by prioritizing self-empowerment by teaching her clients to go back within. In addition to her mastery of Bioenergetics, Dayna is well-versed in Herbology, Homeopathy, Emotional Release, and Aromatherapy. Currently immersed in trauma & PTSD training, her perspective, shaped by extensive studies in Japan, emphasizes the interconnectedness of emotional and spiritual factors in manifesting into the physical. At the heart of her practice lies a profound sense of empathy, forged through her own personal journey of honing and trusting her intuitive gifts. This empathy and trust form the foundation of her therapeutic approach, facilitating deep and meaningful connections with her clients Now, Dayna is dedicated to facilitating freedom and empowerment in others, drawing upon her intuitive abilities for collective and personal healing. Informed by her own struggles, she guides others towards authenticity and healing with compassion, insight, and unwavering dedication Note** Please be informed that I will respond to one question you may have to ensure clarity of your video reading. For any additional inquiries, please proceed by placing a follow-up order. I do NOT do general readings, please be specific with your questions-if you ask me a general question; it will be a general answer as I read off of energies. If im not online please Message me and I will make sure to accommodate you. Thank you for your cooperation!


Oracle guidance, Angel insights, Love readings

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