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I’m a reader of the Akashic Records with the assistance of using True Sidereal Astrology. 🔮 My system “Cosmic Navigator” allows me to precisely track a person’s thoughts, movements and intentions within the Great Cosmic Web. 💫 Ask me anything 💗 Love and Relationship Questions 🖥️ Career Questions. ❓What do they think about me questions. 🔮 Past, Present, Future questions ❗️Note: Please have your accurate birth date, time and location if possible. The Akashic Records are your soul’s records throughout each lifetime. The records are kept in the Great Cosmic Web that connects all particles in the known universe. A Sidereal Astrology chart is your Human Blueprint, recorded upon your arrival on Earth when you were born. Because your Akashic Record is recording of every lifetime, it can sometimes be an overwhelming amount of information from various lifetimes. The practice I developed “The Cosmic Navigator” is combining a True Sidereal Astrology Chart for this lifetime with the Akashic Records. This process allows us to see what is relevant to work on in this lifetime. A True Sidereal Astrology Chart aligns with the precise locations and sizes of the Zodiac Constellations in the sky. These charts allow us to know the precise Cosmic Blueprint Contract that was signed by your soul before your birth.


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