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You are here on Earth for a bold and beautiful purpose: to be the hero of your own story! Through my connection with the tarot, I can help guide you back onto the path towards your heroic life, where bliss and abundance flow to you naturally, and you know without a doubt that you are living life in alignment with your highest good. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ BEFORE WORKING WITH ME 🌙 The universe speaks to us in a language of symbols and signs that can be easy to miss, and as a tarot reader, it’s my job to interpret those messages and transform them into practical advice you can put to use right away. In order to cover all this in just 3 minutes, please ask only question per reading. In most cases, I will offer clarification and a short summary of our reading in a follow-up message ASAP. 🌙 Third-Party Readings: While I will answer questions about other people in your life, some advisors do not do so-called “third-party” readings because the tarot is about what’s best for YOU and it will reveal only what you need to know in order to move ahead in your life, in the best possible way. Therefore, questions like, “is he cheating?” can yield unclear answers. A better question would be, “what do I need to know about this relationship?” Or, “should I move on?” 🌙 I always keep my readings positive and action-oriented, focused on what you can actually DO based on what i read. However, please be prepared for answers you may not want to hear! The messages I receive are for your highest good, and sometimes we really want what isn’t good for us (we’ve all been there!). 🌙 I love helping clients with: big transitions, navigating relationships, getting unstuck, finding a sense of purpose, and healing past hurts. You were meant to live a life of joy, flow, and meaning! The universe has your back. I’d love to be the one to help you uncover the messages that await you.


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