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I’m a highly intuitive Tarot and Oracle advisor,  and I’ve been on the conscious path of Soul and Spiritual development for over 10 years, a long journey diving deep into my purpose, inner truth, emotional healing, and the law of attraction work. I've been supporting people, mostly women, by blending my Intuition, wellbeing Coaching, and Reiki energy healing skills into my tarot and oracle readings to give a holistic overview and guidance on issues related to love and relationships, self-development, emotional healing, and career. 🌱 What can I do for you?🌹 Through my tarot and oracle readings, I can give you support, guidance, empowerment, and confidence to navigate issues on love and relationships, including the relationship with yourself, your self-worth and self-esteem. I can help you navigate through things like recovering after a breakup, improving your romantic relationship, finding your life purpose and motivation when you feel lost, or stuck, when you are dealing with difficult emotions, finding your soulmate, or seeking clarity in a specific challenging situation. 💗 My method and ethics ✨ 🌹I will approach your question with compassion and without judgment. ✨The more specific you are with your question and current situation, the more I can connect with your energy and provide the information you need. 🌈My values as a Tarot reader are honesty, free will, and empowerment. ⚠️I will always read for your highest good and best interest. I will always be honest and I won’t lie to you. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the reading, or you feel unclear, don't leave a bad review straight after the reading, instead, please message me and I will be happy to clarify your doubts.  If you are searching for a specific answer and leaving bad reviews when not receiving what you want to hear, I’m not the right reader for you. As you can see in my reviews this happens and I want to avoid wasting your time.


Oracle guidance, Tarot readings, Love readings

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