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🚨⚜️Please read before ordering a reading with me. I want you to be happy and not disappointed.😇 I am a intuitive/empath. An Intuitive shares what comes through at the moment by tuning into your energy and emotions. A psychic on the other hand may be able to see into the future. I believe nothing is set in stone and by making changes now, you can manifest your dreams and change your future. I'm all about helping you in the Here and Now. I share messages your Angels and guides want you to know and what action steps to take. Since I'm all about Angels, you will here me use the words Angels, God and Universe in your reading⚜️🚨 I DON'T offer the following services. 🔹Time/lines - Giving exact dates of events. ( The future is not absolute ) 🔹Fortune Telling - Telling you what is going to happen in the future) 🔹Psychic Snooping - Asking for information on 3rd party individuals. Example, " tell me about my ex's new GF/BF, etc. (I only do readings with permission and not on individuals without their knowledge) ✨I DO offer instead the following✨ 🔹 If I pick up on a time frame, it will be something like a Month or Season. 🔹 Whatever I receive intuitively and through the Angel Cards, I share. Good or bad. Always truthful. 🔹I tune into your energy and any partners energy for relationship/love questions. (For you and your current spouse, partner, etc) 🔹I offer an open mind, open heart without judgement or prejudice. ✨😇 Sample Questions: ✨😇 •What do my Angels want me to know about ______? •What can I do to manifest my soulmate? •I'm unhappy in my relationship, what action do the Angels suggest for me? •What Angels are connected to me? ⚜️ These are just examples, ask whatever you like⚜️ I only use the Angel/Oracle cards that are positive and uplifting with light energy, for your highest and best good. I also ask Archangel Michael and Raphael to assist in healing and blessings for you. If your feeling stuck or confused on something that is troubling you, I would love to connect with you and provide guidance to further assist you on your journey. Many Blessings to you.


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