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Accurate with over 17 years of experience, here to help you see. I am a New thought Intuitive Minister, devoted to living my truth. I’m successful in all I do and blessed to be here. Welcome to Purple Ocean and thanks for being here. ———— I’m here on Purple Ocean to channel the messages from spirit to assist you with SELF EMPOWERMENT in many areas of life. As a life coach and holistic counselor- I have my own unique way of working in concert with you to assist you with moving forward and even getting unstuck in your life. ———— Because of the way I work I am INTERACTIVE- this means I may or I will ask questions at times to ask for your feedback after the reading. The questions I ask are to help with fleshing things out together... ———— Asking questions and having a dialogue with You is important. Especially to certain readings you get. ———— I know how it is to have someone tell you how to do everything but not empower you to act on your own so that you can feel confident about your concerns, problems and challenges plus the actions to take that are best for you to get moving forward. ———— Also, I’m not here to Tell you how to love your life. I will share what I FEEL from spirit, I will tell you what I SEE from spirit too. Ultimately you will be the one out there in the field living your life and making decisions. I am here to encourage and empower you as the querent/ client/ my friend. ———— Collaboration with you to explore your options during your reading is powerful. And I love doing this work! So if you are open and receptive to the answers to your tarot reading questions then it’s certain that you will get the best reading for you! ———— During the reading I work with spirit. Spirit shares messages then I give them to you. The reading is to always encourage and motivate you to get the success you want. This is how the readings are so accurate. Spirit is there working with us Always! ———— This is how I help you to move your life more into the direction that you want to. It’s always your choice to answer or not. Although I always feel that YOU and your guides know you and your situation better than anyone else could ever know it, if you feel me. If you’re someone who is looking for someone to blame as in the readers on here or me then don’t come to me. I can’t be blamed when I don’t even know you like that😄. I don’t and won’t receive blame. All is in divine order and is unfolding exactly as it should. I feel and I also have experience with the law of attraction and universal laws. Often we all have More power than we know. In time you will see this for yourself as you are a fellow divine being to me. That’s how I will always communicate with you. ———— The divine spirit who is in all of us is there and I work with spirit to gain the answers to help you to break free, gain clarity, get answers, make decisions, move from challenging situations to the wholeness and balance you may seek! ———— Honey I’m Not here for 💰. I’m good in that area. I do offer direct loving supportive messages from spirit. ———— SAHYOFEYA a spirit guide of mine whom i work with to connect in my life’s work! I love to offer my connection to spirit with others for life guidance, vision, life purpose, ascension, direction, development of your gifts, focus, empowerment and tarot life coaching. ———— Many Blessings, it’s so great to connect with you. Im passionate about what I do here with My spirit guide Sahyofeya who can speak to you regarding clarity in Love, past life, career, overall success, family, ascending, being a starseed, how to save a relationship- job or lifepath, passion, talent and gifts, transformation, death, messages from spirit or your guides. ———— Come as you are. Crying, hair messy, introverted, with little to say, with a lot to say...just come if you feel the connection and of you can use some clarification with insight. ———— There will be- No judgement at all. Only acceptance, no sugar coating, empowerment, guidance, answers and love. ———— As your psychic advisor I’m here to guide you to be more of who you are, with confidence, how to move on, in concerns like: are they coming back, why things happened the way they did, do they have feelings? ———— Plus we do offer guidance in the areas of contacting diseased or people who have passed on to the other side, or contacting your ancestors, higher self and angels. ———— We can also look into the meaning and symbolism of your dreams, spiritual awakening. Also how to find balance, happiness in life, blessings, prosperity, a date or a long term relationship. ———— Hello there great one👏🏾, it’s the one and only me and my spirit guide. The name is: SAHYOFEYA! ———— We’re here for you during this time of uncertainty, to help you get clear where you can use the some added insight, clarity, focus and direction. I do not predict, I will give my insight and intuitive guidance to assist you with exploring your options. ———— There will be ONLY be: ————> (2) questions per recorded reading unless we’re talking live on a call. This is due to the time frame of your most important reading. ———— IMPORTANT —————> If you still decide to send more than (2) two questions in a recorded reading- I’ll answer the first two questions I read and in that order. I understand and overstand how difficult it can be to come up with questions and to figure out what concerns you have are most important for you to get clarity on now. TWO QUESTIONS PER VIDEO READING AND THATS THAT. Often I do see spirit answer more during the reading if something comes up you need to know. ———— General readings from spirit are available too. If you don’t know what questions to ask.. just ask me to tell you any messages from spirit. I’ll be glad to. ———— On Purple ocean we Do Not take readings on spells or spirit work. We are unable to give guidance on pregnancy questions of a yes/ no nature or for pregnancy health or other health questions, no legal questions, no timeline questions, no 3rd party insight, I’m intuitive not a mind reader. No spells on here. ———— Also, as soon as you make your order with me I’ll be right there, coming at you with a beautiful reading if you’ll have me. ———— On live calls I do energy work, coaching, readings, teaching Intuitive tarot/ oracle reading lessons. ———— Allow me to assist you in gaining clarity in one or more areas of your life. I will look to see what I get from the questions you send me (2) Per reading unless live. ———— I will answer with what I Sense, see, feel, get, find, read in the energies and in your cards or in the psychic tools I use that day. I use tools to Show you the message so you can see for yourself. ———— Empowering you is my top goal. I can help you on here- however it’s you who will ultimately go out there to live life. I’m here to guide with the help of my guides. ———— Promise, I will not steal your free will by attempting to tell you what you NEED to do or by Pushing you to do what ( I ) would personally do. It’s about your options! This is your special reading. ———— 💗I will and I can Show you what I see, I will show you the options that ( I ) see that come up via oracle and tarot cards. At times, I use the I Ching, tarot, oracles, shells, my clairvoyance (psychic vision 👁) especially my clairaudience (psychic inner ear 👂 ) to capture the answers I see coming through from spirit. ———— Most importantly, I am here to Empower You! to see what’s the best route for you to take or decision to make. I love when clients come back with updates and follow ups too. Spirit is always in the background working🤗. When you come to me I only asked that you Just be receptive and open. ———— Otherwise let me repeat this important detail again: Do to the amount of time given for a reading on Purple Ocean there will... ———— Only be two questions answered by Me per reading. I’m gonna keep it real with you from the gate. My gift is going into depth during a reading. If I see certain details I will share them as I’m guided to which may answer more questions. ———— There is never any judgement from me. I go into a state like a meditation state when you order from me so i can get out of the way to give you the message I’m being led to pass on to you. Spirit loves you unconditionally... so you’ll never receive any judgement in your readings. ———— Come on now👉🏾😩😆. I love y’all. I do always! But You know who you are too: so again, please Don’t ask a question if you don’t want me to answer the question. If you feel you may not ask the right questions- there’s No need to fear making a mistake on your reading. Nope, because Remember nothing is engraved in stone. YOU get to choose! ———— We as human begins have the free will to choose so whatever we discuss or whatever you decide you can change your actions which can also change a result. ———— Also, There are only two (2)questions per reading since I can’t go into any real depth in a reading if I’m given an avalanche of too many questions to do a reading on in such a small amount of time. ———— The time available for your reading, works great for ONE to TWO QUESTIONS but more QUESTIONS in a three minute reading period of time is not an option unless you’re talking/ chatting LIVE with me. OF YOU CONTACT ME FOR A LIVE READING THEN WE HAVE TIME FOR MORE THAN TWO QUESTIONS. ———— When we talk live, Then we’ll discuss more with more clarifying questions on a live call since we’ll have more time to built and talk. ———— Unless I’m on a LIVE call with you then No more than two questions (2) can be asked per reading. ———— I love y’all but there’s only Two questions per reading and no exceptions. I promise will give you Clear, No fluff, no crappy readings. Just my authentic best. WHEN YOU COME TO ME- let me do that. ———— I will not make up stuff during a reading to appease anyone or to sway them to like me. Seriously no way... and since there are Some people who don’t like to take no for an answer... those folks can get frustrated when I say the same words I say in the reading, also in the clarifying questions. I’m going to tell you what I see. ———— Some folks- They want what they want even if they read on here that I will only answer two questions per reading.. some just ignore what I typed here and will try anyway. I won’t compromise quality to give anyone what they want. It’s all or nothing with these readings! I will give you want is said and that’s that🤗💌 ———— If you see a negative review on here- clients usually didn’t want me to tell them what I saw even though I told them that’s what I’m going to do if they come to me. The whole thing is written in here. Now I’ve made this more detailed because it’s important that we get this right together. ———— I’ve had a few people even write me and said thanks in the comments then went on to leave a less than desired review simply because they don’t respect what I’m sharing here in my professional profile. Regardless if I say no. Then no means no. I’m mean it with all the love that I have but Let me tell you.... ———— I will continue to keep it real. Overall I find that my clients and querent like, expect and respect that from me. If I’m the right reader for you then what I’m saying here will make sense. If they don’t just message me and I’m here to build with you about this, whatever you come up with question wise or whatever I can answer within Purple Oceans guidelines. ———— I prefer not to get readings from folks who aren’t open or receptive or keep asking the same questions like I’m making up the answer I gave them. I don’t have time to tell half truths because you are too important for that! ———— If You come to me for the answer I am to give you which will come through me if you come to me. Trust that I have your best interest at heart. I do. Trust that you have chosen someone who is very spiritual and connected to spirit. I can’t wait to help you get to where you want to be. ———— Remember I am Queen Sereda or SAHYOFEYA, a messenger! I’m the messenger. Don’t shoot the messenger for sharing a message. I take this sacred work of Intuitive advising, coaching and counseling quite seriously. This is my life’s worth. ———— This is not a game. And You deserve the best a reader can give to you. Each one will be different but can be helpful, insightful and fulfilling to your soul if you’re at least open to listen. ———— Again, If you see a negative rating the querent gave negative ratings because they had several questions that I couldn’t cover in one reading. In recorded video readings or During a live reading- if you can catch me there, you’ll see that I am a down to earth sista who is quite serious at times if necessary but always motivated to find a reason to move forward. ———— As a psychic, medium, channeler... I have received other training like life coaching, ministers holistic counseling, nutrition training, energy clearing, spirit guidance and some more training like Reiki, Kundalini yoga and how to use energy to heal and breakthrough over the years. ———— I’ll assure you that, I’m not just pulling rabbits out of hats on video to get a reaction from you.. you want more than that! Although I must admit that: pulling fuzzy rabbits out of hats would be so cute if I knew how to do that.😁🌼 ———— Before, during or after your reading- If there’s something you don’t understand or overstand please get in touch to let ME know. I am open to clarifying my answerS and diving deeper into the answers that show up. ———— But still I won’t do more than 2 questions per reading unless you catch me on a LIVE call. Live calls are the only exception to this since we have the option for more time on these calls THEN depending on our time together- I can look into more questions. ———— No matter what happens I will come with some mature insight from spirit which will be delivered in a Fun, straight to the point way. I am blunt but very respectful. ———— I offer Insightful readings with Angel, Oracle and Tarot cards with wisdom from afar that comes with easy clear communication. My psychic channels are open daily. Yes! I'm a medium and an experienced Intuitive psychic. ———— Transferring and channeling personal messages from the spirit, angel and ancestral realm with my higher self is how I flow during readings. By the time I get to read for you whether I say it or not, just know that I always have a spread of cards or divination tools I use to flesh out message that need to be conveyed. ———— I use these tools to assist me in weaving together the background story and details from your questions. Then I go to work, to pull out what I see then I give my answer From spirit straight to you. ———— If you’ve had some issues with understanding lessons, themes, past life, your opportunities, connections and talents, relationships, more money, confidence, help in dating or getting a long term relationship, a makeover to attract a love, help with understanding loved ones, how to be happy, how to better live your own vision and purpose, how to start on the path you want to be on. ———— To see if someone may come back into your life? Why they left you? Which direction in a situation works better for your benefit. ———— Also I do offer Dream interpretation too! My specialty is relationships, career, soul growth and purpose and lifepath or destiny.


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