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My readings will provide honesty and accuracy. I will help to guide or reassure you in any topic that may be of concern. If you cannot handle the truth, then proceed with caution!! 🙏🏻✔️🚫PLEASE NOTE🚫✔️🙏🏻 ❌ I do NOT answer questions in the messages section. I have a high volume of clients. What I send through in my video is what I feel or see. Asking me the same question again will not change my answer. If I don’t give you a certain piece of info it means it did NOT come up in the reading. I will TRY to get back to you to clarify BUT, if it is a total NEW extra question, I will not answer. If there is more questions you need to have answered, then you are welcome to order a follow up. ❌I prefer that all clients who send in a reading provide a video, your name, DOB, and questions and concerns you’d like addressed. You can add it with the summery or on its own. Your choice.. don’t be shy! 😉 Thank you 🙏🏻 ✨QUOTE TO LIVE BY:✨ *Do not dwell on the past,* Do not dream of the future, Live in the current moment.. With answers and peace of mind 🌚 Services 🌝 Psychic reading: A psychic reading is detailed and more in depth. Having a psychic reading can touch on the most important factors of your life. Career, finance, love, and marriage are just a few basic topics. Letting a psychic connect with you spiritually can allow you to shape your destiny in ways different than just following your intuition or jumping to conclusions. With knowledge of your past, present, and future, a psychic can guide you or provide clarity and confirmation with any topic that may concern you. The third eye chakra, or energy level will be opened and you will be able to channel through spiritually to provide all the key answers to your questions. Tarot reading: Tarot cards are very interesting. They allow for a different approach at laying out your past, present, and future. A psychic uses the tool of the tarot to enhance the ability of finding out detailed information about significant topics in your life. Once connected, the cards will show certain people that play a part in your life, wether negative or positive.Your co-workers, family members, and lovers from all timings will come though when necessary in your reading. The reading will consist of 10 cards…for your past, present, and future. This allows you to fully benefit from your reading and ensure key topics are touched on and specific questions are answered. Look me up on bitwine Eva_Expert Clairvoyant Psychic/Medium


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