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The Stars and deep sky objects that are aligned to your natal birth chart gives us insight and clues to who you really are, why you came here, who your guides are and what you may be doing in the next lifetime! You are a galactic citizen and it is time to know your starlight heritage! Looking into the outer planets of your unique natal birth chart can give us clues of your souls most ancient origins within the Milky Way Galaxy…and beyond! The alignments of the closer in planets in your natal chart gives us clues about star systems where we learned valuable lessons and had meaningful relationships. The star systems that are alligned to Venus in your chart are where you learned and even experienced your souls own expression of true love. Getting to know the stars aligned to Venus in your chart, activates deep rememberings in our DNA and in our light bodies. The transits of the planets as the “touch” the venus area of our charts can activate power days throughout the year to get in “touch” with these beings near your star systems and the energy they are offering to you.


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