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Oracle, Tarot, Psychic Medium, Akashic
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About my services

Hello and welcome! I'm Shannon, a multi disciplinary spiritual advisor and energy healer with nearly two decades of experience. Drawing from my Mexican ancestry on my father's side and guided by my soul family, I specialize in psychic insights from the Akashic field, trance states, tarot, mediumship, and Angelics. Continuously evolving through study and personal development, I am dedicated to serving as a spiritual steward, helping others on their journey. ⚔️ Shannon offers both psychic readings (focused on you) and mediumistic sessions (connecting with spirits). Please understand that Shannon cannot guarantee which spirits will come through during a session. ⚔️ Additionally, Shannon respects your autonomy and will not make major life decisions for you. Instead, she helps illuminate possibilities and different paths you can explore. Ultimately, all decisions about your life are yours to make. ⚔️ It's important to note that Shannon is not a fortune-teller. While she may perceive future potentials, the outcomes depend on your actions and choices. ⚔️ Boundaries: Please don’t book in if you are crossing another’s personal boundary or consent. I.e. “She or he has me blocked and they refuse to talk to me at the gym. Etc.” ⚔️ Please don’t book in if you want to inquire about your relarionship with a married person/ having an affair. ⚔️ I don’t believe in twin flames but I believe in karmic relationships and soulmates ⚔️ No inquiries regarding legal matters or health related inquiries. ⚔️ Timelines aren’t set in stone and change depending on your choices / will. ⚔️ My job is to empower you and help you see where you may need to grow / evolve for your highest good / good of all. 🙏🏼 AND SO IT IS! 🫶🏻


Oracle guidance, Psychic readings, Love readings

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