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About my services

I am an advisor who has dedicated themselves to all matters of the heart through the law of assumption. Using an approach centered around self-concept work, I aim to plant you firmly in the driver’s seat of your love life. Everyone is you pushed out! Your love life is a perfect mirror, reflecting back not just your deepest insecurities but your most sincerely held beliefs that shape our interactions with others. My “me-first” approach knocks your person of interest off the pedestal and encourages you to take your power back. Whether you’re confused by a situationship, stuck on an ex, or inquiring about how your POI is really feeling, my goal is to arm you with the skills needed to take you out of your chasing energy and truly feel like the prize. Allow me to illustrate the bigger picture to help give you context far beyond your perspective of your circumstances. My 🚫RULES🚫 - no 3rd parties - no mediumship - no timeframe estimates. People have free will and the future isn’t set in stone. - no asking about the same person more than once a week.


Tarot readings, Psychic readings, Love readings

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