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About my services

I am a highly ethical and responsible clairsentient psychic. My specialism is reading emotions, intentions, spiritual health and connections between souls. In order to help me anchor my psychic sight to the specified energy, please can you provide either: a recent picture of you and/or the person of interest, with eyes clearly visible, OR the first names and date of birth of you and/or the person of interest. Please be aware that I really do need one of those options provided in order to complete a good quality reading. Finally, as an ethical psychic, I do NOT perform readings for the following areas: Predicting death, diagnosing health conditions, looking at anyone’s sex life. I’m also really not the best person to ask for detailed business plans or financial advice. I can try and read financial and business matters (and there’s a chance I might be able to channel some good information) but please be aware that you might be better off with a different psychic for these kinds of questions.


Oracle guidance, Psychic readings, Love readings

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