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I am a clairvoyant working mostly with my clients higher self πŸͺ½ (the soulblueprint) and their soul guides, angelic frequencies, the ascended masters and the frequency of divine union (11th dimensional light code) πŸ’. I am myself in a divine union relationship and I help others create soul-based relationships too. When you have found your person and you commited into a divine union relationship, there is not enough time in one life for this type of loveπŸ’Ž. I am focused on guidance in soulpath, business, and relationships. πŸ’Ž I can tune into other people’s feelings, thoughts and energeric states. πŸ’Ž I can tune into the bond between people to assess on which emotions, intentions and energies the connection is based on. πŸͺ½ I can see if a connection is a soul-connection. πŸͺ½ If I am asked for future predictions, I can assess what is the future in case your energetic state does not change. πŸ’Ž Our internal morphogenetic field, our thoughts and emotions (and of course our actions) create our external reality. If you want to choose your highest timeline for your soul, I can give you a recipie on what you need to work on yourself. πŸ’ Divine Union Relationships are relationships based on a soul-connection but both people embodying their higher selves. I can help you get there ❀️‍πŸ”₯. πŸ’Ž Even if I can see beyond matter, people have free will choice at any given moment. If I see into the future, it is the result of the current energetic and emotional state of a person and their current intentions. πŸ’ƒπŸ» When you embody your highest self and offer your gifts to the world, you stay in the most beautiful energy at all times - graditude and respect is mirrored back to you. I can give you a reading on what inner work you need to do in order to move into your higherself.


Angel insights, Psychic readings, Love readings

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