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About my services

I am a psychic reader and empath with the ability to introduce you to your guides… Any that are willing to introduce themselves. (Most are more than happy to chat 😉). I use crystals, cards, auras, and my spiritual guides and gifts to help you enhance and grow your own intuition and live your best life! I use cards as a way of clarifying information already given by my guide and your guides, I don’t rely solely on tools. I don’t use traditional tarot cards, I use Lenormand which is much more straight forward and tends to give more detail. This system may be new to you but most people seem to love it. I do try to spend more time answering your questions than simply holding up and explaining cards, after all - you don’t want a card lesson, you want answers! I can answer questions about: ❤️ Love/Romance 💔 Breakups/Divorce 💵 Finances 📠 Career/Development 📚 School/Education path ⚰️ Loved ones who have crossed 🌈 Your spirit guide(s) 🔮 Many other general questions. I will not offer: 🩻 Medical advice ⚖️ Legal advice 💰 Investment advice 🎰 Gambling advice/Lottery numbers Please remember that in the psychic world, we are often dealing with possible outcomes. You are the variable in your story. You can change the way that you think and feel, you just can’t change anyone else. If I intuit that making some changes will positively impact your story, I will share that with you. I WILL ONLY TELL THE TRUTH REVEALED TO ME, NOT JUST WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR. If you aren’t truthful in your questions, you will not get an accurate reading. I take my gift very seriously and won’t give you false positives just to make money. I don’t do that. I will answer 3 follow up questions MINIMUM, most readers provide 2. The questions should respectfully pertain to your reading. If my guides or your guides offer information other than the question you originally asked, I will share that also. 3 is the minimum but if time permits I always answer more. Recently got a request with several questions and asking for a ton of detail. I’m very happy to help but please remember that we can’t fit a thirty minute reading into three minutes. I’ll always do my best. I have a huge heart and will do anything I can to be helpful and encouraging!


Oracle guidance, Angel insights, Psychic readings

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