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Hello, I am an intuitive Tarot reader with 3 decades of experience reading cards. ⚠️Please read everything before ordering. 😊 🔮I use a combination of intuition and tools. (Tarot cards and a Pendulum)💎 My readings can explore - ⭐ Advice or Guidance ⭐ Energy Insights & Potentials ⭐ Self Growth & Introspection ⭐If asking for any type of prediction please understand that they are potentials not promises. Nothing is ever set in stone, no matter who you read with. Free Will, external influences, action steps, or lack thereof, can change the path ahead at literally any moment. The future, as well as timelines, are very fluid. ⭐This is why it's best to focus on what you can be in control of. ⭐Please keep all this in mind, especially if you are asking about other people and their choices. ⭐I also look into overall energy and can give advice on what you can do to empower yourself in the situation. _______________________ ⭐📝Ordering Instructions📝⭐ ✳️Please include First names. 🩷 For relationship questions -What is your current relationship and communication status? 💼 For Career questions - What do you currently do, or what do you desire to do? ⭐A brief (and Honest) description of your situation can be helpful in giving you more detailed advice. I will not judge you, I'm here to help like a friend. ________________________ ✅Examples of Productive Questions - ✳️"What can I do to work on my relationship?" ✳️"What Potentials are showing up in this situation?" ✳️"How can I work on overcoming these challenges?" ✳️"How can I work on achieving my goal?" I do not read on the following - ❌Medical, Health, Pregnancies ❌Legal Areas ❌Financial Advice (stocks, investments, major purchases, lottery, etc) ❌Cheating Confirmations ❌Other people's intimate lives ❌Twin Flames (you are not a half- more info in "about me". _______________________ ⭐Follow up messages for Purple Ocean- -Advisors are not required to answer free messages. I will do my best to answer one follow up question regarding clarification on your reading. Please be patient as this may take up to 24 hours.


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