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🔮 psychic palm and tarot card 🔮reading's Angel readings I specialize in reunite love ones 💞 I also am a psychic medium 🛑. Due to high volume calls I do NOT Answer follow up questions in the comment section thank you ❗️PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING❗️ 🕒NO TIME FRAMES🕒 I cannot give time frames because depending on your thoughts and actions you might modify the time frame a bit. ❓NO MULTIPLE QUESTIONS❓ It's not only you that gets confused Psychics get confused too, I can only focus on one person at a time or else it will corrupt the reading that I'm doing on that specific person and you won't get the high quality reading you deserve. 🕐SAVE TIME🕐 Please understand that I only have 3 minutes to answer your questions there's only so much I could answer in to so little time. ❓QUESTIONS ONLY❓ The comment section is only for questions not for venting, I will only answer one question per order so make sure it's straightforward and clear on what you want to know. ❗️NO GENRAL READINGS❗️ Like I said for time frames, those could change based on your thoughts and actions, so you need to be once again straightforward on what you want to know, so I can give you an absolute answer. ✨ thank you for your understanding and thank you for choosing me I can't wait to hear from you✨


Tarot readings, Angel insights, Psychic readings

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