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🔮🌈☀️⭐️🌙- Intuitive Tarot Reader, oracles, & ink stains divination -🌙⭐️☀️🌈🔮 🏳️‍🌈 - the community LGBTQIA+ IS MOST WELCOME! 🏳️‍🌈 - (let me know you are) •I don’t share or even mention the cards I pull since I have my own interpretation (different from a book or a random fortune telling app) •I can help with love, business, career, friendship & spiritual growth •I don’t answer to health/pregnancy, legal/financial orientated questions •I do not read for people who left negative review previously •NO SUGARCOATING •NON JUDGMENTAL & CONFIDENCIAL EXCHANGES •remember I will tell you WHAT YOU NEED TO HEAR •For video delivery: as it is ONLY 3 MINUTES, ask just ONE question or same topic question as I will only answer to ONE☝🏻 •In the case you have various questions, do not hesitate to ask for a LIVE CALL a LIVE CHAT or even a FOLLOW UP QUESTION: my answers are quick, clear and straight to the point. •To have a detailed reading be specific, go to the point that will value the answer •The comment section is for CLARIFICATION ONLY - I will answer to 2 messages on it - be patient for my reply since I can be very busy sometimes ⭐️ - keep in mind here on Purple Ocean readings are for entertainment purposes only


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