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💎I give/channel what I get from spirit as your answer… Understand the answer is not always a pleasant one… I am highly compassionate and caring in my delivery, but direct…please come for genuine answers from spirit As a means of moving forward in your journey, Not to feed illusion and fantasy. ⭐️💎🌎🌈This is a very safe space for any and all, regardless of race, gender, sexuality/orientation, identity, beliefs, religious affiliations, etc… I am here for YOU exactly as you ARE and want to be. ❄️I am an intuitive empath and medium/channel, and I give simple intuitive empathic readings. I am an empath first and secondly a spirit medium/channel working with Source, guides, angels, ancestors, Higher Self, on mine and your side. 🔮I only use tools as a secondary method, but I may use pendulum for yes or no questions, and for video readings I am able to do tarot and oracle card readings… ⭐️ My specialties are reading the emotional, how people are feeling, regarding love and relationships, and reading the energy and what spirit gives me surrounding these things as well as career and life purpose, and other matters! NEW: ☀️☀️☀️Now offering guidance and coaching on DEEP ENERGY CLEARING! 💎 Not just through knowing philosophy or doing affirmations, but through somatic processing, breathwork, reciprocal relationship with spirit, ceremonial living and much more, to TRULY release what doesnt serve you. 👶🏼👧🧒🏾 Conscious Parenting: I read on and advise around parenting/conscious parenting. As a very active parent, I can help a lot on being in the highest emotional alignment with your children, communication, tactics, nervous system, regulation tools for yourself and your child, homeschooling, navigating challenges with children, family, harmony, and communication, etc. etc. and so much more. ✅Follow up Questions!: ⭐️24 Hr/1 Hr Videos: For the sake of time and efficiency, I am able to guarantee three follow up questions ... feel free to ask more but it's highly possible I won't be able to get to them. 🙏🏻 ✨During sales, I can answer one follow up question per order. 🤔For Live Readings, I will do my best to answer some follow up questions after the reading but none are guaranteed, since the window closes much more quickly and the next chats come in suddenly, keeping us away from the after reading chats. 🆑Negative Reviews While I am all for constructive criticism, voicing of opinion etc., the leaving of an actual negative review, especially one that is disrespectful and aggressive, makes a powerful energetic statement of not resonating with a reader on this platform. In my experience, this is very very sensitive work which requires a container of mutual respect. Please be advised that when a negative review comes to my attention, and we cannot arrive at more clarity and connection between us as a result, then I take a negative review as a kind of final statement that me and the client are not fitting, or not connecting… I will not do more readings with a client after they leave a final negative review, because I have found that the space between us then is not conducive to a high-quality connection on all of the levels necessary. If you find you are that dissatisfied with a reading with me, please be advised of this finality, and seek better connection with one of the many many other gifted and amazing readers on this platform. ✅The Truth!: ❤️AS a totally honest reader, I have much experience with, and I’m here to help you process, painful and difficult information… And be with you through integrating traumatic experience… Please know that this is a sacred space with absolutely zero judgment. I am absolutely here to help you process pain and difficulty and to Be with hou through integrating traumatic experience; to be a safe, warm, unconditionally loving space where you may lighten your load, so that the space that was painful Today, may be a space of more of your infinite potential tomorrow. 🔮I do not predict the future, spirit gives me timeline projections. These can have a nice accuracy rate to them but are not guaranteed to unfold exactly as I got from spirit. 👁The reader is bound by the free will of yourself and anyone involved in a PROBABLE future that we are given from Spirit... knowing this I am delighted to tell you what I am given from Spirit that has the most momentum behind it and likelihood of happening at the time you ask me, but as much as I wish it were different sometimes, I can't ever guarantee that what I see is what's surely going to unfold. I STRIVE to connect with absolutely everyone I read for, and extend myself to my limits to leave you with guidance that both empowers and enlightens you. ❤️✨


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