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Hello and welcome, I am a spiritual counselor offering guidance to help you gain new perspectives and move towards new pathways and solutions .My goal is to help you find peace, joy and love. I will guide you to do what you love to do each day as that is what everyone needs to recognize and utilize to bring forth break throughs. I do NOT call myself a psychic and neither shall you, though I am naturally an empathic intuitive guide with a vast heart space and this does help me feel A LOT. And with that ability I help you get unstuck and off of circular patterns by introducing NEW PERSPECTIVES within you! BENEFICIAL SOLUTIONS are available in most circumstances and other times we need the help of a guide to find acceptance in something before it will move! Trust me this is very common. Either way we will come together by uncovering your information and seeing which parts are true and what can be done. When you come to a session humble and with an open heart and mind we WILL get things shifting! That is what God requires of us. . .to be HUMBLE and of course to have FAITH and GRATITUDE. In these frequencies we can move mountains together and at the very least find comfort and a peaceful heart and mind a long the way. I do not claim to predict ANY future as this is for God's knowing and his knowing only. . . (My greatest strength is feeling and giving truth) therefore I do not use divination tools of any kind. . . simply by listening to what you say and connecting and deciphering what is true and what is not through my god given permission to connect and help others. I WILL GUIDE YOU ON YOUR HIGHEST PATH with my connection to GOD and his holy heavenly assistants as only HE allows. **I help with specific issues and focus on helping you make real shifts to improve your life by giving guidance for your highest good. βœ”No general readings (I focus on specific situations) βœ” No career readings No one can tell you what career is best for you but your own heart πŸ’– This is what I do well: πŸ’“ Matters of the heart πŸ’“Understand something deeper πŸ’“Empower yourself πŸ’“Improve yourself πŸ’“Make changes The universe mimics what you do, so give the amount of detail you want back. Send a video of you speaking about the specific situation.


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