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Relationship Guide and Soul Connection Expert! My area of expertise is in relationship guidance - particularly in navigating strong soul connections like twin flames, past life connections, and soulmates. While reading I tune in to both the surface level challenges and deeper soul level motivations - providing you an understanding not only of how your person of interest is feeling and the trajectory of the connection but WHY they are feeling that way. Most readers will explain WHAT will happen - but my style is to focus on the factors influencing the behavior and decision of both parties and helping you to create an action plan to move forward with intention. I am a natural born intuitive (clair-based) psychic. I do not read traditional tarot - but will sometimes use Lenormand as an outline while I channel. When I read, I strive to give in depth, practical, all-encompassing readings. I will tell you what I see, honestly, and give advice about how to move forward. I don't sugar coat, so while I deliver information as compassionately as possible - if you are having trouble seeing a lesson I will tell you point blank. I DO NOT provide: ๐Ÿ™…โ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ™… -general readings (ie: is love coming up for me, how will i meet my soulmate, what can i expect over the next month) -timeframes -mediumship -labelling soul connections (ie: is POI my twin flame) -third party readings -medical (including pregnancy), legal, or financial readings -career or money Outside of my practice as a reader, I am also a spiritual and psychic development coach! If you would like assistance in opening up to your gifts or guidance on a stage of awakening that is confusing please give me a call! (This is best served in a live video or phone call - if I am not currently online, ask me to jump on!)


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