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🔮Feeling confused? Feeling heartbroken? I can help find you the answers! I am Anna Leota your goto HONEST no sugar coated love psychic! 🔮 ————————————————- 💟Available for Text and Video Readings via Purple Garden💟 ————————————————- ❤️❤️For the last 21 years I have studied the craft of Romance, Twinflame Energies, Soulmate Connections and the realm of Love and Relationships, I have read thousands of books and have studied countless hours along with my gift and knowledge I am able to perform accurate Love Readings ONLY! ❤️❤️———————————————————- 💡⚠️⚠️I have✖️NO✖️experience in Career / money / health / pregnancy / medical diagnosis / social media / legal cases / mental health / covid-19 pandemic questions. I am ✖️NOT✖️ a doctor/therapist/lawyer/pharmacist/scientist etc.⚠️⚠️💡 ——————————————————— ➖READINGS I OFFER➖ 💜Love/RomanceReadings💜 💜Soulmate Readings💜 💜Past Life Lovers Readings💜 💗Marriage & Twinflame Readings💗 💗Friendship Readings💗 💗Divorce & Seperation Readings💗 🌙🌟PLEASE do not compare my reading w/ you, to another psychics reading you had before or after ours.EVERY PSYCHiC has different abilities 🌟🌙 ➖HONESTY➖ What I see/sense is exactly what you will get no holding back here! I will always keep it real with you, be ready to hear it all! If your only open to happily ever after answers please do not order with me. I will always bring honesty with kindness never to hurt you but to help advise you. ➖BE DIRECT➖ it’s important to keep a clear concentration of your question/reading when ordering with me. ❌NO general readings.❌ Be specific, ask what you want to ask and you will receive a more in-depth detailed read. ➖TIMEFRAMES➖ Through my vision and ability I am absolutely NOT going to be specific timeframes! the spirit messages never ever show me numbers only sentences / words that that I can pass onto you from my spirit messengers “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” Your life and emotions are not a time machine you cannot rush something in your own timeline it just won’t work. Timelines doesn’t define life it doesn’t define your future or what’s meant to happen for you, focus on the outcome rather then “when?”. ➖COMMENTS➖ 🛑Please FOLLOW Purple Oceans guidelines kindly DO NOT abuse the comment section to continue your reading. —I am an High Rated Advisor meaning that I do have quite a large client base. I MAY or MAY NOT be able to answer your free follow up question due to Incoming Chats/Pending Orders that require to be completed by me in an SPECIFIC time window. Set by Purple Ocean. I recommend ordering an follow up reading whenever your ready it is the quickest and easiest way to get more of your questions answered! Thanks 🙏 ••⚠️NOTE: to all clients. -•PLEASE-• do not share any personal information with me. I will ONLY ask for your first name and date of birth. nothing else! it is against Purple Oceans Terms••⚠️ 🌈LBGT welcome!🌈


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